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Hi! I’m Genevieve Faulkner, a Psychic Empowerment Coach & Healer that can empower you to Acknowledge Your Weird Abilities, Develop Your Psychic Capacities, & Create What You Are Truly Capable Of so that you can Have The Adventure Of Living that actually works for you. 


Is It Time To Acknowledge The Magic Of Your Being?

Hello! I’m Genevieve Faulkner, an Intuitive Empowerment Coach that empowers people to let go of their Subconscious Blocks that can limit them from having the Relationships, Business or Living they truly desire. 




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When you are in alignment with your being everything you desire can be created with ease.

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This ten part class will help you let go of the places  you are eliminating you being the source of your life and empower you to create the future you truly desire. 


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Clare, Australia

"Genevieve is one of the most intuitive people I know. She has really given me hope and so much more. She really is an angel. I highly recommend working with her. Your life will never be the same.”

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