Reclaiming Your Capacities With The Spirit World 

Online Class 


Please Note This Product Is Not Live But A Series Of Recordings

Do You Have Capacities With The Spirit World That You're Not Acknowledging?

Not acknowledging your capacities can create you feeling like a victim to Entities and feeling like any engagement with them is a curse and not a blessing. 

Depending on your level of awareness this can sometimes present as...

  • Fatigue and illness with your body 
  • Confusion around knowing what is true for you, and a lack of trust in yourself.
  • Having OCD, Or Eating Disorders. 
  • Mental illness, depression or negative thought patterns. 
  • Addictions, craving things you don't usually desire. 
  • Voices in your head that won't leave you alone.
  • A need to be an outcast because you feel misunderstood and like no one could ever understand you. 
  • Intense emotions or mood swings that you feel you can't control. 
  • Feeling lost and powerless in life. 

What If There Is Another Possibility With Entities? 

What if the experiences you have had is the invitation for you to step into your power in this area ?What if Entity engagement could be a contribution to your life instead of being a detriment? 

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This Class Can Assist You To Let Go Of The Subconscious Programming Keeping You Disempowered And Being The Effect Of Entities. 

What It Covers...

Introduction To Entities

Learn more about the different kinds of Entities there are and how to tell the difference between them. 

Clear The Fears

Let go of the fears that keep you from being able to engage and remove with Entities with ease. 

Reclaim Your Power 

Give up the beliefs and energetic content from this lifetime and others that keeps you feeling like you have no power when you deal with them. 

Getting Present With You 

Entities can take over your life when you're avoiding something. Get present with the things that require change or healing in your life and transform. 

Change Your Relationship Patterns 

The relationships you create with Entities can mimic the relationships that still require healing from childhood. Let go of the beliefs creating the relationship dynamics that don't work for you. 

Give Up Your Addictions

Let go of the needs that create the addictions in your life that allow Entities with similar needs to attach to you. 

Own Your Own Body 

Change the points of view you have about your body that allows Entities to possess or take over it without permission. 

Discover The Gift Of Your Capacities 

Discover more about how you can use your capacities to your advantage.