Hi! I’m Genevieve Faulkner 

I am a firm believer that we create our own reality. Most people do that from the belief systems within their subconscious mind, which often means they recreate the same situations over and over again, yet I know when you start to make choices that are in alignment with your being the world can become a magical place.

If you desire more of the magic of you in your life that is something I can assist you with.

I have always been a little weird. I spent the childhood getting lost in the thoughts and feelings of other people, which created a drive in adulthood to develop and master my intuitive healing abilities.

I've studied and been a teacher of a number of energy healing modalities and as well as mediumship and psychic  development, and for the past ten years I've used what I know and my abilities to tap into my clients worlds and assist them to let go of the programming keeping them from knowing their greatness. 

It is what I love to do, so if you get a sense there is something I can assist you to create or change, feel free to get in touch. 

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