Theta Healing Advanced

Deepen Your Ability To Transform And Change Using The Tools Of Theta Healing 


What Is The Theta Healing Advanced Class?

The Advanced Class in Theta Healing is where you learn a lot more ways you can facilitate change for both yourself and others using the energy of Source. 

This class will give you more tools to play with, and will also gift you a different level of knowing within yourself and a greater connection to the infinite intelligence of the Universe. 

Over Three Days You Will...

  • Discover more about creating new feelings beyond what you have experienced before.
  • Improve your ability to dig on limiting beliefs.
  • Let go of resentments, rejections and regrets that have been holding you back.
  • Receive hundreds of energy healing downloads to give you a wider scope of being.
  • Connect to ancestral spirits and receive supports from them.¬†
  • Facilitate healing for your heart using tone.¬†
  • Learn the 'Heal The Broken Soul" method.
  • Retrieve fragments of your energy that have been misplaced or lost.
  • ¬†Learn how to bend time.


Upcoming Class Dates...

27th- 29th September 10am- 5pm ( In Person) Geelong 


2nd - 4th November, 10am- 4pm Online (Melbourne Time)  


The price for this class is $777 and the pre-req is: Basic DNA.

Please email: [email protected]¬†for more info.