Theta Healing Sessions


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life


A Theta Healing Session Can Assist You To...

  • Let go of any beliefs or emotions that limit your loving yourself or receiving love from others. ¬†
  • Allow you to break the unconscious relationship patterns that are keeping you playing out things in relationships you don't desire.¬†
  • Break free of the limitations and mindset that limits your capacity to create your business or have more money in your life.¬†
  • Change your relationship with your body so that you make more empowering choices for you and it.¬†
  • Help you let go of anything energetically or emotionally that is limiting your bodies ability to heal itself.¬†
  • Claim your psychic abilities and not be the effect of the things you're aware, like Entities or other people's judgements.¬†

And Much More!

Laura, Ireland

“I have been working with Genevieve for about 4 months and her work has totally transformed my life. I have worked with many healers who were not able to clear deep rooted traumas and other issues I had been living with. 

Genevieve cleared them very fast, easily and effortlessly. I always know I am in safe hands with Genevieve. I am so grateful to her. Each session we have is another breakthrough.

Genevieve is kind, considerate, understanding, non judgmental, compassionate and an excellent healer who connects to the highest trust which is amazing. She can read people like a book."

Wendy, Melbourne

"I've had a number of health issues over the last few years some of which left me desperate and deflated as PharmaCo medicine had no answers and a number of alternative healing/energy healers could only help up to a point. Then the Universe helped me find Genevieve - What a gift that was!
Genevieve has an ability to look inside of you - mind body and soul - and help your body release trapped emotions and energies that express themselves as disease -whether from this lifetime or past. 
I know Genevieve has psychic awarenesses and abilities that take her healing to a next level. If you are lucky enough to meet her you will find a beautiful loving and giving soul who wants to make this a better and happier planet for every living thing - including the earth itself." 

Amelia, Germany 

"Genevieve has helped me tremendously with dealing with my expanding awareness and all the related issues. I have worked with other psychics but none of them have helped me on such a deep level as she has.

She is very non-judgemental, grounded and always staying calm and collected, which I think are crucial characteristics of a great healer.

She is able to  access the buried parts of your subconscious and thus gets to the root cause of a problem instead of just scraping on the surface.

The sessions with her have allowed me to clear emotions that I was not able to access on my own and to better understand myself and my gifts."

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