Being The Source

Online Empowerment Program 

Is It Time To Reclaim Your Power & Ability To Create The Life You Truly Desire To Live?

The Ten Week Group Coaching Series Begins March 30th



This Course Is For You If...

  • You would like to actually get to know you, be vulnerable with you and access your creative capacities.¬†
  • You desire to have a healthier relationship with yourself and the other people in your life.¬†

  • You are done with repeating relationship patterns and desire something different.

  • You know It's time to acknowledge yourself, claim your desires and stop living based upon other people's wants, needs or desires.¬†

  • You would like more clarity and ease with knowing what is true for you and what you want in life.¬†

  • You would like to let go of self judgement and¬†love yourself a lot more.¬†

  • You would like to reclaim your power and capacity to bring the reality you desire to live into physical form.¬†

How Loving Are You To You? 

Are you frustrated with what you have created or not created as your life? Do you know so much more should be possible than what you are currently living? Are you confused as to why you keep having the same sort of situations show up in your life that is the opposite to what you actually desire? 


What if there is a direct correlation between your power to create physical reality and how loving and caring you are to you? Are you loving to you?  Or are you treating yourself in a way that validates past experiences and other people’s ideas of what you deserve? 


Often how we relate to ourselves and the outside word is based upon the relationship dynamics that played out in our families in childhood. We subconsciously learn to treat ourselves the way our caregivers treated us. 


The relationships we have with friends, partners, children, colleagues, our bodies, or money will often mirror those early relationships. When you acknowledge what the dynamics were and consciously choose to change them you can let go of the subconscious programming related to your past, and that can allow you to reclaim the parts of you that you have separated from to maintain the structure of reality that are limiting you having what you desire. 


Beyond that is a world where you get to be more clear and congruent with yourself, and when you have that your physical reality and start to change into something that is more in alignment with what your being desire's to live. 

¬†‚ÄúI started this course thinking I wanted a relationship but as the weeks have gone on I've realised so much more is possible, and now just want to create my life- Manasi, Australia‚ÄĚ

How Much More Of You Could You Choose To Be? 


Over Ten Weeks We Transform...

Module One

Beyond The Womb

Let go of the places you are being the effect of your experience pre-birth and reclaim your power beyond it. 

Module Two

Beyond Your Mother 

Who are you being for your mother? Or who are you not being to be recieved by her? Discover who you are beyond her world.

Module Three

Beyond Your Father 

How you you eliminated parts of your being to make your father the authority in your life? What if it is time to reclaim that back now?

Module Four: 

Being The Source Of Relationships

Let go of the beliefs you have about relationships, that creates what you don't desire and start allowing yourself to have what you do desire. 

Module Five

Reclaiming Your Dominance

Be the dominant energy in your life and no longer have to be the effect of your environment. Step into your right to occupy space.

Module Six

You And The Universe 

Let go of the points of view you have about the Universe or God that creates you being seperate to it. Reclaim your capacity to create with it. 

Module Seven 

Being The Source Of Your Body 

Let go of the judgements you have of your body and become aware of the reason you choose it. 

Module Eight

Your Sexual Reality

Are you being the source of your sexual reality? Or are you being the effect of everyone else's? Discover what is true and what works for you.

Module Nine

Being The Source Of Money 

Are you making money a source of something for you? Is that source outside of you? What if you acknowledged you are the source.

Module Ten

Being The Source Of Your Future 

There are infinite possibilities for your future, so reclaim your ability to be the source of the one you desire.  

“Genevieve’s awareness is sharp, and her facilitation is first class. She is without doubt one of the most gifted healers on the planet. She has a level of caring and a genuine desire to contribute to the people she works with, and to see them succeed.

Genevieve‚Äôs ‚ÄėBeing the Source‚Äô program, has primarily assisted me in gaining more awareness on the relationship I have with myself and my body, and on the way I function in relationship with others.¬†

Through these group healing meditations and the one-on-one facilitation I have received in this group setting, I have worked through more of my ‚Äėstuff‚Äô in these ten weeks, than I have ever got to with any other class or course I have taken‚ÄĚ.

Liv, Australia


Are You Ready To Transform Into Being More Of You?


Being The Source With Group Coaching



  • Ten Weekly Videos & Worksheets
  • Ten Guided Healing Exercises
  • Healing Trauma Meditation¬†
  • Ten Group Healing Calls¬†
  • Pay In Three Instalments¬†
  • Access To Previous Group Calls¬†
  • Ten Weekly Calls Begin March 30th ¬†2024

Being The Source With Private Coaching



  • Ten Weekly Videos & Worksheets
  • Ten Guided Healing Exercises
  • Healing Trauma Meditation
  • Ten Private Healing Sessions¬†
  • Pay In Three Instalments¬†

The Online Zoom Dates Are...

(In Melbourne Time)

  • 30th March, 7pm-8:15pm
  • 6th April, 7pm-8:15pm
  • 13th April, 7pm-8:15pm
  • 20th April, 7pm-8:15pm
  • 27th April, 7pm-8:15pm
  • 4th May, 7pm-8:15pm
  • 11th May, 7pm-8:15pm
  • 18th May, 7pm-815pm
  • 25th May, 7pm-815pm
  • 1st June, 7pm-8:15pm¬†