Untangling From Soulmate Relationships 

Online Empowerment Series 


Are You Struggling To Understand Or Move On From A Soulmate Relationship? 

Does Someone In Your Life Trigger You Intensely?  Or Do You Find It Hard To Stop Thinking About Them?

A Soulmate...

  • Is Not Always Romantic, But Someone You Have Spent Many Lifetimes With.
  • You Will Have Played Out Many Relationship Roles With Them Throughout Lifetimes, So Your Feelings For Them Can Be Complicated. 
  • They Will Often Invoke Strong Reactions Or Emotions (Attraction Or Repulsion) When You First Meet Them.
  • You May Feel Like You Just "Know" Them On Some Level & You May Have A Strong Telepathic Connection To Them.
  • They Will Often Show Up To Assist You To Grow Beyond Your Current Mindset,Yet The Relationship Or Interactions You Have With Them May Be Turbulent. 
  • When You Have A Relationship With Them It Can Sometimes Be Difficult To Move On Until You Receive What The Gift Is Of The  Experience With Them Was. 

What Is The Gift Of The Soulmate Relationships You Have Had? 

If you have had an encounter with a soulmate that has you head tripping, obsessing or confused about how to move on from it, that may be a good question to ask yourself. 

Often there is all sorts of gifts to these encounters that if we look at the relationship or experience from a different perspective we can receive. 

What if the experience you have had can gift you more awareness about yourself and what your being is here to create in your life?

If  you need help getting to that awareness this class can help.

Over Four Classes We Will Use Energy Healing Downloads & Meditations To...

  • Clear The Unresolved Issues You Have With This Person From Other Lifetimes. 
  • Let Go Of The Fantasy & Projections Of What You Think Should Be Or Could Be That Is Limiting You Perceiving What Is Actually Possible. 
  • Let Go Of The Needs Of Them And Start Acknowledging Your Own Being. 
  • Heal The Wounds That Keep You Being Pulled Into Their Wounding, So That You Can Create Something Greater For Yourself. 
  • Shift The Judgements You Have So You Can See The Gift Of The Situation Or Person. 
  • Untangle Your Energy From Theirs So You Don't Keep Yourself Locked In Their Issues. 

Please Note This Is A Prerecorded Class Not A Live One.  The Course Is Structured So That You Have Access To A New Module Each Week So That You Take The Time To Work Through Each One. 

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