Private Coaching & Transformation Packages 

What Do You Need To Discover Or Let Go Of To Have The Life You Desire? 


What Could Change For You By Working With Me? 

A Private Coaching Session is very much about creating a future that works for you. What is possible for your life that you haven't been willing or able to choose? 

The thing that stops us from recognising the possibilities we have available are the points of views, the judgements and emotions we have stored about the past. When we judge or regret our past choices we effectively lock ourselves in the past, reliving that instead of creating a greater future. 

What are you stuck with? What would you like to be different in your life?
Whatever area you would like change in; relationships, money, business, your body or something else, when you let go of points of view and judgements you have in your subconscious, new possibilities start to present themselves. 

During a session I can use my intuitive abilities and ask you questions to contribute to you getting the clarity you require to choose differently, and together we can discover the subconscious blocks you have that can allow you to change them.
‚ÄčThese sessions can be recorded so that you can re-lis
ten and receive even more change and are available online.

These Sessions Are For You If...

  • You are seeking clarity about a particular issue or area of your life. 
  • You desire transformation and change and you're willing to make the choices required to have that. 
  • You know that you create your own reality and are ready to clear the blocks stopping you really achieving what you desire. 
  • You are done repeating patterns and you are ready for something different.
  • You need assistance in acknowledging your weird capacities and some guidance on how to create a greater life using them. 

Laura, Ireland

“I have been working with Genevieve for about 4 months and her work has totally transformed my life. I have worked with many healers who were not able to clear deep rooted traumas and other issues I had been living with. 

Genevieve cleared them very fast, easily and effortlessly. I always know I am in safe hands with Genevieve. I am so grateful to her. Each session we have is another breakthrough.

Genevieve is kind, considerate, understanding, non judgmental, compassionate and an excellent healer who connects to the highest trust which is amazing. She can read people like a book."

Wendy, Melbourne

"I've had a number of health issues over the last few years some of which left me desperate and deflated as PharmaCo medicine had no answers and a number of alternative healing/energy healers could only help up to a point. Then the Universe helped me find Genevieve - What a gift that was!
Genevieve has an ability to look inside of you - mind body and soul - and help your body release trapped emotions and energies that express themselves as disease -whether from this lifetime or past. 
I know Genevieve has psychic awarenesses and abilities that take her healing to a next level. If you are lucky enough to meet her you will find a beautiful loving and giving soul who wants to make this a better and happier planet for every living thing - including the earth itself." 

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