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Get Clear & Energetically Congruent With Your Desires & Reclaim Your Capacity To Bring It Into Reality

This Class Is For You If...

  • You're frustrated and bored with your current life.
  • You have been asking the Universe for something (a relationships, more money, a jobs ect)  and yet it just doesn't seem to show up. 
  • You would like to MASTER your ability to create YOUR REALITY, you know, the one that includes you in it, and reclaim any MAGICAL ENERGETIC CAPACITIES you have that could contribute to that. 
  • You have been trying to get your life "Right" by other people's standards to a degree that has made you unsure about what you truly desire. 
  • You would like to be more VULNERABLE, KIND and HONOURING with yourself and feel more empowered. 
  • You desire GREATER RELATIONSHIPS and a more JOYFUL EXPERIENCE OF LIVING that is in alignment with who you truly are as a being. 



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