Clearing The Path To Love 

A Transformational Online Program Created To Help You Manifest The Relationship You Desire 


Have You Been Seeking A Relationship You Can Never Seem To Find? 

It doesn't matter how many dates you have or Tinder profiles you swipe right on. 

You cannot receive something you desire if your subconscious has decided it is a bad idea to have it. 

If you're not getting what you want, you have a inner conflict to take care of. 

 This series will help you resolve it.

These Six Recorded Classes Will...

  • Dismantle the blueprint of what you think relationships are based upon what you have witnessed growing up (and clear the resistance to becoming one of your parents).¬†
  • Free any part of you still being influenced by any relationship you've had previously that you don't desire to have again.¬†
  • Clear the nightmares of the dystopian future of what you subconsciously think a relationship could turn out to be.¬†
  • Transmute anything that is creating a wall to receiving something greater sexually.¬†
  • Assist you to start being the energies you can be for yourself that would invite a partner in.¬†
  • Help you to start receiving the energies that are greater than what you have experienced before.¬†

Please Note: This Is A Prerecorded Series

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