The Psychic Playground

The Six Week Psychic Growth Adventure 

Begins April 15th


Would You Like To Discover How Psychic You Are? 

Did you know there is more than one psychic capacity? Would you like to discover your capacities and and learn how to use them? 

Each week we will explore a different capacity and then clear any subconscious blocks that come up to being able to use them. 

Build Each Psychic Muscle & Become More Confident By Practicing...

  • Week One: Card Readings (Bring Your Own Cards).
  • Week Two: Telepathy
  • Week Three: Angel & Guide Readings
  • Week Four: Mediumship 
  • Week Five: Future Readings
  • Week Six: Psychometry & Remote Viewing 

Class Dates & Times Are..

  • 15th April, 9:30am -11am (Melbourne Time) 
  • 22nd April, 9:30am- 11am (Melbourne Time)
  • 29th April, 9:30am- 11am (Melbourne Time)
  • 6th May, 9:30- 11am (Melbourne Time)
  • 13th May, 9:30am-11am (Melbourne Time)
  • 20th May, 9:30am-11am (Melbourne Time)

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