Changing Your Money Mindset 

A Six Part Series Designed To Help You Change Your Relationship With Money


 What If Your Ability To Attract Money Into Your Life Is Determined By Your Mindset?

 When you let go of outdated programs in your mind it allows you to be more in your awareness of how to create more for yourself.

You can then see possibilities that you might not have seen before.


This six part program will help you transform your way of thinking about money so that you can have more. 

Part One: Healing The Poverty Wound

Heal the trauma from any time you were struggling to survive in this lifetime, other lifetimes or within your ancestral line. 

Part Two: Healing The Wealth Wound 

Let go of the trauma of the repercussions of having wealth in any lifetime, and free yourself from the need to block money to avoid repeating the same choice. 

Part Three: Beyond The Survival Paradox 

Let go of the beliefs that are creating the anxiety of the need to survive, and your brain limiting the money flow in your life to avoid the threat it has decided it is to your survival. 

Part Four:

You With Money

Create your new identity that includes you with more money in your life and set yourself free from the old identities where you had less. 

Part Five: Being The Creative Source Of Money 

Reclaim your ability to be the source of money. Acknowledge what you have created and let go of the places you have created a need of someone or something else to be the source of money for you. 

Part Six:

Ask, Choose, Receive 

What can you now ask for? What do you need to choose to have it, and what do you need to transform or change to receive it? 

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